What do I have to keep in mind for Customizable Field Mapping?


Why are my (custom) fields not showing in the custom mappings dropdown?

  • Each field can only be mapped once

  • Fields in a custom mapping must be of the same or a similar type. You can’t sync a numeric field to a date field for example. When selecting fields in a custom mapping, the list on the other side will only show the fields that can be mapped, unavailable mappings are either not visible or grayed out. 

  • Some types of custom fields are technically not able to sync. Custom fields we don’t support are not shown in the list of fields you can sync when creating a custom mapping.

  • List fields can’t be synced in a custom mapping. In some cases, they are synced in the default field mapping. With list fields, we mean fields that have multiple values. Usually fields such as emails, phone numbers and addresses are lists and each value has a label to differentiate between ‘home’, ‘work’ and ‘other’ for example.


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