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Where can I set up Multiple Rules?

What is Customizable Field Mapping?

Which fields can I sync?

How do I set up Multiple Rules?

The email address is a List Field, which email address is used to match upon?

Why am I getting a large number of duplicates?

Are Custom Mappings always two-way?

How come I can only define different contact subsets on one side of my (multiple) rule(s)?

Where can I find PieSync reviews?

Why does it take so long to see the first contacts appear?

What do I have to keep in mind for Customizable Field Mapping?

What is a List Field?

How do I change my PieSync password?

Why can't I set up Multiple Rules

Which connectors do you support?

How come I can only choose 'all contacts' and not define a contact subset to sync with?

Why is my connection not showing the default field mapping?

What is Default Field Mapping?

How come I am getting a small amount of duplicates?

How are my contact databases matched to establish the sync?

What will happen during the initial sync?

Which apps need authorization per contact subset, and therefore a new connection instead of a rule?

Why is my connection not showing the option to set up custom mappings?

What are Unlimited Rules?

How come I can set up Multiple Rules, but can't differentiate?

I didn't find the answer I was looking for here, how can I get in touch?

What's the difference between PieSync and Zapier?

Am I eligible to use the new Customizable Field Mapping feature?

What are Custom Fields?

What is a Custom Mapping?

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Why is my connection not showing the option to set up custom mappings?


This could be caused by one of the following reasons: 

  • All standard fields were already mapped by default, and/or there are no custom fields available.
  • The connection you are using wasn’t in the first wave of the roll-out. However we are currently in the middle of rolling out this feature for each connector app, so it will be part of the second wave in the next coming weeks.
Customizable Field mapping is only available from the Medium Plan onward. 

During the roll-out of this feature, there are some exceptions: find out here if you're eligible!

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