Why should I upgrade to a Medium Plan?

Updated 15 days ago ​by Sanne Stevens

Other than the increased contact count and connection count limits, there are two additional features you can use from the Medium Plan onward allowing for a more INTELLIGENT SYNC.

  1. Custom Mappings [Including Custom Fields]
  2. Adding more than two rules in one connection [Unlimited Rules]
  3. Share your increased contact count and connection count limits with your team
Are you a Micro or Small user?  Try out our Intelligent Syncing (= Custom Mappings & Unlimited Rules) for 30 days. You can redeem this offer until September 29,2017. Just log into your PieSync account, hit the link in the Blue Promo banner up top and give it a try!
Check out our Intelligent Sync VIDEO here below and don't forget to read our BLOG POST here yet!  

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