Define Contact Subsets

When configuring a sync between two apps, you always have to set up one rule by default. Depending on the app, you can choose to only sync a subset of your contacts by filtering them based on tags, groups, lists,... In some cases, you have the (additional) option to sync all your contacts at once.

You can set up more than one rule (filter): this feature is called Multiple Rules and is available from the Medium plan onward

In each Connector App Help Article, you can find the available filter to define your contacts subset. Some examples: For most CRM apps we support, we define the subset based on tags. For most marketing tools we support, this is usually based on lists.  


Here below an EXAMPLE of a sync between Google Contacts and Podio:

1) Choose the subset by clicking on the arrows on the right side of the filter field.

2) What are the subsets I can choose from? 

  • Example below: For Google Contacts, you can either choose to sync 'All Contacts' or define a subset based on the contact groups you have set up in your account, including the default group 'My Contacts' as well.  
  • Example below: For Podio, you can either choose to sync 'All Contacts' or define a subset based on the tags you have set up in your account. You can also create a new tag in Podio through our sync by entering a new tag in the tag filter field.  



3) There are some exceptions where we only sync 'all contacts' and can't define subsets. 

4) For another small group of apps we support, we need authorization per subset: You already need to define the subset of your contacts in the app authorization stage of setting up your sync.