How to set up a connection with Capsule CRM to prevent duplicate contacts

Before you set up a Capsule CRM synchronization in PieSync, there's an additional precaution you have to take. It's very important to turn off all other active integrations between Capsule CRM and the other cloud application you want to sync with.

How to turn off existing Capsule CRM - MailChimp integrations

In MailChimp:

  1. Open the lists page in MailChimp. Execute the following steps for each of your MailChimp lists.

  2. Open your list. Go to 'settings' and 'webhooks'.

  3. Delete any existing Capsule CRM webhook to prevent MailChimp from sending updates to Capsule CRM.

In Capsule CRM:

  1. Open Capsule CRM. Go to 'Settings' -> 'Integrations' -> 'MailChimp'.

  2. Disable your existing MailChimp integration.

How to turn off existing Capsule CRM - Google integrations

If you're using the built-in Capsule CRM - Google integration, you don't need to do anything. Once you set-up PieSync this integrations will automatically be disabled.

Don't forget to disable any other 3rd party integration you may use.

Why do I need to turn off other integrations?

If you have other integrations running, chances are high that duplicate entries will be created. It's always best to avoid parallel integrations with the same services.

Without getting too technical, here's what happens. There's a contact called 'John Doe' in Google and it isn't in Capsule CRM. Our two-way sync creates a new Capsule contact 'John Doe'. However, the built-in integration in Capsule sees this contact and thinks it's brand new. So it pushes this contact back to Google. Now your Google has two John Doe's. PieSync sees this second John Doe come in and thinks it's a new contact as well, so we push it back to Capsule.

We're building countermeasures for everyone who has this parallel integration running, but the best thing to do right now is to entirely switch off the integration in your Capsule CRM account if you want to take full advantage of PieSync's two-way sync.

If you didn't turn off Capsule's own integration, there's a high chance duplicate contacts will be created, but luckily there's an easy fix to get rid of the duplicate contacts.

How to fix your Google Contacts

  1. Go to your Google account and click 'Contacts' in the bottom left.

  2. Make sure you are in the Google Group that was affected.

  3. Without selecting a contact, click 'More' and 'Find & Merge Duplicates'. It will easily show you all duplicate contacts. Clicking the Merge button will ensure all duplicates are gone.

How to fix your Capsule CRM Contacts

  1. Log in to your Capsule account and go to the 'People and Organisations' tab.

  2. You'll see a sub-tab called 'List'. Select the 'create a new list' option.

  3. Now, apply the filter 'Added on is after' and select the day before you set-up your PieSync account. It will show you a list of all contact creates. Now click the delete button and you're all set.

Once again, make sure your Capsule - Google integration in your Capsule account is turned off before you use PieSync again.

Hope this helps!