Nimble: Sync up to 2000 contacts for free

Updated 9 days ago ​by Frans Leys

When am I eligible to be on the free PieSync plan for Nimble users?

  1. You need to be a Nimble user.

  2. You must setup your first integration from within Nimble (via Integrations in settings) 

  3. You can set up as many connections as you want, but combined a maximum of 2000 contacts must be kept in sync

Are you eligible? 

If your answer is yes, to start, just sign up for a free Nimble trial, or go inside your Nimble settings. If you want to continue using PieSync for free after the 14 day trial, proceed to PieSync's billing page and follow the instructions from there.

Find out how to set up a sync with Nimble, and get inspired with some Nimble recipes!

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