Dynamics 365 Business Central Authentication

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If you've set up custom fields for your Dynamics 365 Business Central app (or if you're planning to do so), you hope for these to be included in your sync. Luckily PieSync allows you to do so, but we need some steps on your side to help us achieve this.

Step 1: Add fields to Customer Card

  1. Open the Customer Card of any of your customers and click on "Design".
  1. Add the "Last Modified Date Time" field to your Customer Card.
    1. Click on "+ Field" to open up the sidebar with all fields
    2. Search for the "Last Modified Date Time" field
    3. Add this field to the Customer Card (by drag and drop)
    4. Save your design so that it gets applied to all your Customer cards

Step 2: Get your OData v4 URL.

  1. Go to your Web Services as shown on the below screenshot:
    1. Select the "Info" icon on the top
    2. Search for "web services"
    3. Click on the "Web Services" Page
  1. Create a new Customer Page as shown on the below screenshot
    1. Click on "+ New"
    2. Choose "Page" as Object Type
    3. Choose "21" (which is "Customer Card") as Object ID
    4. Choose a suitable name for this Page
    5. Check the "Published" checkbox
  1. Copy the "ODATA v4 URL" of the Page you've just created (right click --> Copy)

You can use the scroll bar at the bottom of the Web Services page to scroll right to find the `ODATA v4 URL`.

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