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GETTING STARTED GUIDE: How to set up a new connection?
ALL FEATURES EXPLAINED: All our features/functionality explained in detail - no app-specifics.
Because of Drift's different API architecture, a sync with Drift differs from normal PieSync behavior.

Drift is a conversation-driven marketing and sales platform that connects your business with the best leads in real-time. Like a virtual assistant for your website, Drift lets you turn any conversation into a conversion.

Below you'll find detailed information, specifically for Drift integrations:

Supported Drift Integrations

Step 1: Authorizing Drift

To authorize Drift, you simply log in to Drift and provide access to PieSync inside Drift. Easy as pie!

Step 2: Setting up your sync

Rules: [IF] Supported Conditions/Filters

This sync will only sync newly identified contacts.

  • Has Tag
  • CQL Score
  • Lead Stage
  • Already existing in the app you sync with
Rules: [THEN] Supported Actions
  • Add / Remove Tag
  • Update CQL Source
  • Update Lead Stage
  • Updating field values (INCLUDING CUSTOM FIELDS)
Default Field Mapping

Depending on the other app you're syncing with, you'll see a number of standard Drift fields being mapped by default. For instance, in a connection with Google Contacts, the default field mapping looks like this:

PieSync syncs the default name field(s) that come with the apps. Sometimes they have a different structure in both apps you connect. E.g. first and last names are separate in app A and joint in a single field in app B. In the background, PieSync joins first and last names together from app A to B and separates them again from app B to A. Our algorithm is smart about which part it updates in app B.
Customizable Field Mapping

You can & should custom map your Drift Custom Fields and any additional standard fields that aren't included in the default mapping yet. Bear in mind a mapping between two fields can only exist if the types of fields are compatible, and the particular compatibility will determine the direction of the mapping as well. More information on Customizable Field Mapping here.

Additional Options

Syncing Deletions

In connections between Google Contacts and Drift, you are able to sync deletions one-way. When a contact gets deleted in Google Contacts, we add the tag 'PieSync Trash' to that same contact in Drift. You will be able to review this segment first before deleting or taking any other action in Drift too.

Syncing Unsubscribes

In connections between Drift and some marketing tools we support such as e.g. MailChimp, you are able to sync unsubscribes one-way. When a contact gets unsubscribed in your marketing tool, we add the tag 'PieSync Unsubscribes' to that same contact in Drift. You will be able to review this segment first before taking any action in Drift too.

The availability to Sync Unsubscribes/Deletions is app and connection dependent. If the box (screenshots above) is not there to tick, it's simply not possible. We need to be able to detect unsubscribes/deletions on one side and at the same time be able to create add the tag 'PieSync Unsubscribes' or ‘PieSync Trash’ on the other side. More Information on Syncing Unsubscribes here or on Deletions here.

Thanks to the feedback we have already received, we created a list of popular apps that we’re going to work on very soon. By  voting them up in our pipeline, YOU decide which connectors we’ll release first. If you don’t see your app on the list or need any further help, drop us a line - support@piesync.com.  Don't forget to r ead our blog for the latest in productivity, apps, and technology!

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