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Normally, PieSync does a full 2-way sync, which includes your historical data. For our Drift connector, we can only give you a near 2-way sync now. Read on below for more info.

Setting up a connection to Drift works in the same way as setting up any other PieSync connection. Setting up rules, defining contact mappings, monitoring the sync, it works just as expected.

What will the Drift sync do / not do?

For any sync, PieSync performs an (1) initial sync, and then PieSync keeps your contacts in (2) continuous sync.

However, because of Drift's different API architecture, there are a couple of elements in sync behavior that are different from what you typically get with PieSync. As long as this different behavior is here, we're giving our Drift connector the beta label. We're in talks with Drift to look into improving this.

(1) Initial sync
What you can expect during the initial sync:
  • 👍🏻Contacts that exist in your ‘other’ app but not yet in Drift will be created in Drift & successfully mapped
  • 👍🏻Contacts that exist in both your ‘other’ app and in Drift will get matched (based on their email address) and updated in Drift.
What will not work during the initial sync
  • 😬contacts that exist in Drift prior to starting the sync will not be created in the ‘other’ app
  • 😬contacts that exist in both the ‘other’ app and in Drift will not get their fields merged as per the user’s expectations. More specifically the setting of the toggle ‘When a conflicting change is detected’ will be ignored as the ‘other’ app will always win and overwrite the data in Drift. No updates will happen to the contact in the ‘other’ app at all.
  • 💩contact updates in Drift will be erroneously shown as ‘creations’ in our activity timeline, which can be confusing to the end users, as it should be displayed as ‘updates’ instead. This happens because our sync platform is not aware of the contact existing in Drift.
(2) Continuous syncing
What can you expect once the sync is running?
  • 👍🏻contacts created/identified through a Drift conversation get created in the ‘other’ app & successfully mapped
  • 👍🏻contacts (which are in sync) that get updated in Drift will get synced to the ‘other’ app successfully
  • 👍🏻contacts (which are in sync) that get updated in the ‘other’ app will get synced to Drift successfully

🚀In other words, contacts are kept in a 2 way sync for any updates happening in Drift, or in ‘other’ app according to the rules & mappings

For contacts created in the ‘other’ app, the same logic applies as for the initial sync:

  • 👍🏻if the contact does not yet exist in Drift, it will be correctly created and synced
  • 👍🏻if the contact does exist in Drift, we will match it and update it in Drift
What will not work for ongoing syncs?
  • 😬For contacts created in the ‘other’ app, the same logic applies as for the initial sync: if the contact already exists in Drift, then the field merging will not be correct and we will show it as a creation in Drift to the end user (instead of an update)
  • 😬Contacts manually created through the Drift UI (‘add new contact’) will not sync

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