Can I sync Accounts/Companies/Organizations?

Updated 2 months ago ​by Sanne Stevens

In short, no. PieSync currently syncs CONTACTS only. 

Syncing Companies/Organizations/Accounts/... (app-dependent) is not yet available as these are different objects/entities from a syncing perspective.

In many cases we do sync the company name field on a contact level, but we can't link with Companies/Organizations/Accounts/... (app-dependent) just yet, neither can we create these. 

PieSync's next big upcoming feature Relations will make this available fairly soon [ETA in Q2/2018].

  1. First Phase: Enriching contacts by taking information from the contact related object/entity such as the account/company/organization, to enrich the contact information via rules and mappings. We will not be able to create and link contacts to them during this phase yet.
  2. Second Phase: Creating different objects/entities such as accounts/companies/organizations. In this phase, we won’t be able to keep e.g. an account in sync with an account just yet. It still needs to originate on the contact level. 
  3. Third Phase: Syncing contacts with contacts, companies with companies etc. while maintaining the relation/link between them.

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