Can I sync Company/Account information?

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The possibility to sync Company information depends on whether your app has a Company entity. Below you can see an example of HubSpot's Company entity.

How to sync Company or Account information

  1. When setting up a new connection, we distinguish 4 steps. The third step allows you to choose your contact type.
Interested in learning more about step 1 & 2? More info can be found  here.

  1. You are able to select the 'Companies' entity on both sides. (eg. Zendesk Sell & HubSpot)

Important remarks

  • Syncing Company information can only be done between two Company entities. Selecting the wrong entity will result in an error.

  • This sync will match your records based on Company name or the email address, without precedence.

This implies the importance of a preliminary check to make sure your company records contain the correct names.

If the company record in app A states "PieSync Inc" and in app B "PieSync", this will result in a duplicate record.
The identifier to match Contacts and Leads is the email address. As such, we can avoid duplicates

  • This sync is restricted to Company information, without keeping the relationship between Contacts.


Need to sync data from Accounts into Contacts?

This is a process we're calling "company enrichment". You take information from a company entity in one app, and sync into a contact in your other app. It is in the works for PieSync to give you this possibility. In the meantime, we suggest you look into your CRM's capabilities to link or copy that information on the contact object proper, so it can be synced in a contact-to-contact sync.

For instance, Salesforce & Pipedrive support automation workflows and can translate information from the account or opportunity records to render it available on the contacts object. The following videos show how you could set this up using the Salesforce Process Builder or Pipedrive's Workflow Automation respectively.

Salesforce Process builder : read the full article

Pipedrive Workflow Automation

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