Can I sync Leads?

Updated 3 months ago by Jonas

There are two possible answers to this question, depending on the apps you integrate:

1) YES, if leads are NOT a separate object in the app(s) you have connected:

In the above examples, the Lead Status is part of the contact - you can convert a lead into a customer/client/partner/etc., without having to convert it from a lead into a contact.

In this scenario, lead status can be synced and filtered within the configuration of your connection:

2) NO, if leads ARE a separate object in the app(s) you have connected:

  • In case leads are a different object than ‘CONTACTS’, we are not able to sync them yet.

  • We are working on making this available in the near future. Once this is ready, you’ll be able to sync leads the same way you can sync contacts now.

In Q4/2018 we are starting the phased roll-out of Relations: once leads and relations are both available, you can apply the relations sync to contacts as well as to leads. E.g. an opportunity related to a lead vs an opportunity related to a contact.

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