What are the Different Sync States on the Dashboard?

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You just made the perfect configuration. And you are ready to start syncing all that contact data. You close your eyes and press the button. Suddenly you've been redirected to another page. It appears to be some kind of dashboard. Nothing seems to be happening. You're slightly panicking. Palms are sweaty, but then you see a little icon beneath the empty timeline. It says: 'Scanning your data - this might take some time...'. Well, what now?

Great question! What is our system actually trying to communicate to you on the dashboard? Or better yet, how does our sync work? In this article we'll take a closer look at some of the dashboard states that might not be so obvious.

The graph shows the amount of daily updates and/or creates PieSync had to sync. Below that you find more detailed info about the realtime status of your sync and right below that you'll find which contacts have been updated and/or created.

Synchronization is active

This is probably the message that you'll see most often. This means PieSync has synced everything it was able to sync. Now it's actively monitoring your contact databases for any recent updates it needs to sync. PieSync syncs all your data in real time, which means it will scan every contact approximately every 4 to 5 minutes. When it detects an update to a contact in app A, it will immediately sync that data in app B.

Scanning your data - this might take some time...

This is the primary stage. When you're syncing small databases with each other, you might not even notice this state existed. PieSync is scanning your databases, processing the data, looking at the email addresses to match contacts, the properties of each contact in that database. When you have set up filters, it needs to know which contacts to sync and which must remain outside the sync.

Synchronisation has been paused. Resume it!

This state speaks for itself. You can only pause the sync yourself. When you pause a sync, you don't delete the connection, but you instead ask it to stop actively monitoring your data for updates and changes. In this state no data will be synced by PieSync.

We're having trouble connecting to the timeline. (Reconnecting/Trying again in 2…)

This message just means that we couldn't visualise the sync activity. This normally only occurs shortly and refreshing the page normally always fixes it. There won't be anything wrong with the sync. It's just the UI that has difficulties analysing the activity. It could mean that we won't see the contact creations/updates on the dashboard for a short time, but that should recover on its own soon.

Possible changes detected - waiting in queue

If it's in the queue, this usually means one of two things:

  1. There is another sync running on one of the same accounts
  2. There is an unusually high load on our platform (meaning there will be many more syncs that are queued, not only for this user)

However, if this takes longer than 24 hours, we recommend contacting customer support (support@piesync.com). They can check if everything is going as planned.

We've sent heavy traffic to one of your apps, we'll wait for it to cool down before proceeding

The underlying principle of this message is that some of the apps we integrate with have a limit on the amount of requests we can send. This can be a limit per second, per minute or even per hour or per day. At the moment we hit such API limits, we have to wait until the applicable time period has passed before we can do new requests to their API. Once the time has been exceeded, we will automatically try again, so you don't need to take any action on this.

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