Prepare your phone contacts to remote control your apps

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Your phone merely acts as a window into contacts databases, so we suggest you visit /  / respectively to see & manage your phone's contact lists on your computer. 
First step: back up & pause other syncs!

1) Export contacts from your various accounts - this could serve as your backup should you make a mistake in cleaning contacts.

2) Turn off or pause any existing integrations in parallel (PieSync, Zapier, Fullcontact, etc). Leaving syncs on will interfere with cleaning in the next step!

Second step: time to clean!

3) Use the “find & merge duplicates” features of Google/iCloud/Outlook

4) Manually review your contacts and merge those duplicates that weren’t detected automatically, delete old contacts or old addresses. 

  1. Third step: start syncing! 
  2. 5) Consider designating one account as your master central database for contacts. Your phone should be able to read from, and store new contacts to this account. How to do this?
  3. You are now ready to set up one or more syncs through PieSync. Get started!

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