How long does it take to sync contacts or updates?

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Activating the sync for the first time:

If you set up a new connection and start syncing for the first time then it can take a while before all the contacts are synced in between the two apps. The syncing time depends on which apps you are using and how many contacts you are syncing.

Syncing new contacts and updates:

Once your connection is active, our system checks for changes in the sync every 4-5 minutes. However if the change happens directly after our last check, it can take more than 4 minutes for us to check for changes.

If you would like to force a direct sync then you can always select
'sync again now' in the top right corner of the dashboard.

Do bear in mind that it sometimes can take a bit longer for new contacts or updates to appear because of:
- a huge new number of contacts syncing within the same connection
- a concurrent sync is running for the same account
- the rate limits of one of the apps is being reached. More info here.

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