Syncing Leads

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How can I synchronize my Leads in PieSync? 

The availability to sync Leads depends on whether your app has a Leads entity. The screenshot shown below is an example of the Leads entity in Copper.

When setting up a new connection, we distinguish 4 steps. 

After selecting your preferred apps and finalizing the authorization process, you're able to select the contact type you wish to keep in sync. 

Interested in learning more about step 1 & 2? More info can be found here.

For both applications, you can choose which contact type you wish to implement in the sync.

    In Q4/2018 we are starting the phased roll-out of Relations: once leads and relations are both available, you can apply the relations sync to contacts as well as to leads. E.g. an opportunity related to a lead vs an opportunity related to a contact.

    Relations: Can I sync accounts/companies/organisations?
    Relations: Can I sync objects such as Deals/Tasks/Invoices/Opportunities/Notes/...?

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