Why am I seeing "access revoked" or "authentication failed"?

Updated 2 months ago by Jonas


This is always due to the once connected app now denying access to PieSync, because of any number of reasons:

  • a time-out after a prolonged period of inactivity;
  • the account's password was changed;
  • the account no longer exists, or had its user name changed;
  • the account no longer fits the required conditions, e.g. as a consequence of a billing issue;
  • ... or somewhere along those lines.

Specifically, changes to the account credentials (e.g. changing the password) may be a deliberate safety measure, but naturally, this will prevent PieSync from accessing the contact data any further.  Therefore, you need to re-authorize your app for PieSync to be able to read & write to it.

You have the ability to reauthenticate your connection using the red banner when accessing your configuration page. 

If you have further questions, feel free to contact support@piesync.com

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