Why can't I custom map my (custom) fields [greyed out]?

Updated 6 months ago ​by Sanne Stevens

  1. Each field can only be mapped once.
  2. Fields that are used in the built-in mappings (default field mapping), can not be used in the custom mappings.
  3. Fields in a custom mapping must be of the same or a similar type. You can’t sync a numeric field to a date field for example. When selecting fields in a custom mapping, the list on the other side will only show the fields that can be mapped, unavailable mappings are greyed out. 
  4. Some types of custom fields are technically not able to sync (e.g. multiple value fields/drop-downs - app dependent). 
  5. Fields with multiple values (see example below) can’t be synced in a custom mapping. In some cases, they are synced in the default field mapping. With multiple values, we mean fields such as emails, phone numbers and addresses where each value has a label to differentiate between ‘home’, ‘work’ and ‘other’ for example.

Feel free to share your specific use case, we are always looking to increase available mappings and are more than happy to look into this for you. One address, support@piesync.com

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