Default Field Mapping

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Two fields that are kept in sync by PieSync, without explicitly requiring the user to choose them. These are built-in mappings between standard fields that exist in both applications you are keeping in sync, usually fields such as name, phone or email address.

Rich, pre-set, default mappings for nearly 20.000 possible combinations of apps. It's one of PieSync's most powerful features.

This default field mapping visualization shows the fields we have always been syncing. 

Depending on your use case, you can opt to disable certain default field mappings.
In some case, fields with multiple values are included in the default field mapping. We always sync the first value (e.g. mobile phone from phones) you have set up in the application if the second app has a single value field (e.g. phone). If we sync two apps that have multiple values for a particular field (phones/emails/addresses/...) we sync all values.

Example of a contact with multiple values. In this case, the work email address is the first value. 

Fields that are used in the built-in mappings (default field mapping), cannot be used in the custom mappings.

Depending on the connected applications, some default field mappings are read-only fields. In that case, the direction of the arrow is pointed in one particular direction.
We don’t just sync what is shown in the default field mapping, you can also set up custom mappings with our Customizable Field Mapping feature! Read our blog post about it here.

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