Podio - 6 Months Free PieSync Voucher

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Premium Podio Organizations on an annual contract have access to a 6-month free voucher for PieSync. Anyone who is not a paying PieSync customer yet can sync their contacts (one-way or two-way) for 6 months. Free!
Find out more about the PieSync Podio Contact Sync here

How to redeem the 6-month free voucher?

Step 1- Log into Podio find 'Extension Voucher Offer'


Step 2 - Search for PieSync and click 'Redeem voucher'

Step 3 - Click ‘Continue to PieSync’

Step 4 - Log into PieSync with your existing account or sign up by clicking ‘Don’t have an account yet?’

Step 5 - If you don’t have a Podio connection yet in PieSync, create one in the tab ‘Connections’

Click the Podio Logo and the other app you want to sync with [more info on setting up a sync with Podio here].You can only set up a connection with Podio when you’re using the Podio Contact App Type.

Step 6 - Go to your PieSync Billing tab to redeem your voucher

This voucher gives you free use of any PieSync plan for 6 months.

Step 7 - Upgrade to any of our plans for free

Step 8 - Complete your Billing info

We will not charge you anything for 6 months (the exact date will be shown in the billing tab of your PieSync account)

When you’ve completed the billing info, you will see a green banner stating ‘You have activated the Podio Extension Voucher coupon. This gives you 100% off until…’

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