Sync your apps with Skype & Windows Phones via Office 365

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How to use the Office 365 integration with Skype to your advantage, when syncing with PieSync

Did you know Office 365 has an integration with Skype? It syncs contacts (with an email address) between them, two-way.

Great news! This means that, when setting up a (Pie)sync with Office 365, the CRM, Marketing or Accounting app you chose will automatically be in sync with your Skype account.

This can be especially useful when having a connection set up between Office 365 and your CRM. PieSync will Connect your CRM contacts directly to your Skype account, reducing your data entry once more :)

Syncing your contacts to your Windows Phone via Office 365 with PieSync

Do you have an Office 365 account and a Windows phone as well? Then you might already know how to keep your contacts in sync between them both. If not, you can find out more about it here. You can make this even more powerful with PieSync! Access your CRM/Marketing or Accounting app contacts directly from your Windows Phone, and sync your changes on the go.

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